Dear Customers,

Advanced countries can no longer claim a monopoly on developed industries and technical expertise, as these have spread and expanded over borders and overcome various obstacles.

From this premise has emanated our companys decision to establish this manufacturing plant ... as a practical and sincere expression of absolute faith in our national economy and its promising potential, as a factual example of the optimistic outlook towards the future of our scientifically-based and assessed industries, as confirmation of our conviction of the need to integrate the various industries, and to ensure Kuwait and neighbouring states beverage companies supplies of high-quality aluminium cans and ends.

This technologically-advanced, highly-efficient and well-organized manufacturing plant, producing cans and ends of the highest quality, was established with the purpose of aiding the marketing expansion of your products and to comply with your requirements of aluminium cans and ends.

As we express our appreciation and gratitude, we look forward with undiminished optimism to the cooperation and harmony this manufacturing plant will receive from all related companies and organizations, in the interest of all parties.

General Manager
Mohd Hedi Belgacem