Our mission is to attain the trust and loyalty of our clients by providing them with high-quality product. We achieve these objectives through our dedicated and proactive staff, our extensive knowledge in two-piece aluminium can and end manufacturing, and the innovation and integrity we introduce in our work.

Why choose us


Our objective is to produce high quality cans & ends and sold at best prices and under competitive terms and conditions.


To become Kuwait’s and the Gulf’s leading two-piece aluminium can manufacturer in terms of diversity of services, quality, value and customer satisfaction.


As technology advances so quickly, and there is consumer demand for the latest tech, it makes sense to do all we can to stay up-to-date. Keeping up with the latest trends will ensure that we can give our customers what they want.


Our plant has been in beverage can processing line for the last 35 years. We have served and exported to customers from all over the Middle East, Asia and Europe as well.


This technologically-advanced, highly-efficient and well-organized manufacturing plant, producing cans and ends of the highest quality, was established with the purpose of aiding the marketing expansion of your products and to comply with your requirements.


"Quality can be defined as conformance to specifications. The degree to which a product meets the design specifications offering a satisfaction factor that fulfils all the expectations that a customer wants". This is our guarantee on the quality.